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About Healthy Place BotanicalsTM

Our mission is to utilize our innovative business model to offer the most pure and organic full-spectrum products
essential to the well-being of our people and planet at revolutionary prices.

Opening the Door - February 2017

Healthy Place Botanicals™ began with a small group of customers sampling our first product: Sharoma Gourmet Skinny Coffee, a delicious micronized gourmet coffee with our proprietary blend of all natural herbs and botanicals

Over the next 2 - 4 months, we began hearing from our customers who were experiencing positive health benefits, from significant weight loss, improved sleep, greater clarity and energy during the day and improved balance by simply switching their coffee to our Gourmet skinny blend. We also had several customers who observed their blood sugar levels normalizing. As a result, we now have a growing group of satisfied customers, delighted with their personal health results, which is the foundation of any long-term business model.

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Our Growing Line of HPB Products

Over the past few months, Healthy Place Botanicals™ has expanded our product line while maintaining our vision and integrity of 100% organic ingredients with efficacious results at extremely competitive prices. The word: Botanicals means all of our ingredients are all plant derived and efficacious. Every day we search the world for the highest quality organic ingredients with potency to create positive health results. What drives us are the daily emails and calls we receive from people wanting to share their stories with us. Their amazing testimonials confirm that we are on the right path to create a "turning point" in the health of good people around the world.

We look forward to hearing ... your story - soon!